Robbie Paraha

BJJ Black Belt

I started kick boxing in New Zealand 7 years ago and when I came back to Australia I joined Infinity Martial Arts in Springfield. I begun MMA but quickly found a passion for Jiu Jitsu after competing in a few local competitions.

My life drastically changed losing a massive amount of weight as I walked through the door at 115kg losing a total of 35kg!

I not only changed my nutrition but I left my monotonous job to pursue a job in the health and fitness industry. I wanted to give back what I had learnt which eventually led me to coaching here at Infinity where I hope to give the same opportunities I was given.

I have competed all over Australia with a top 3 national ranking over the last 3 years. I was awarded my black belt from Neil Owen after 4.5 years and remain an active competitor and professional fighter under for Infinity Marital Arts and as a sponsored Hyperfly and Fight Life athlete.

I want to give everyone the same opportunity I had to grow that as I once had.

For a private lesson please contact Robbie on 0423 062 278 or