Tahleigh Cassidy

Tahleigh has been active in sports from a young age usually following what dad was doing at the time, one day it was hockey, the next soccer and then it was obviously going to be martial arts. At the age of 6 Tahleigh began Go Kan Ryu karate where she competed at a state level for 5 years. All though she loved the sport as her dad made the change to BJJ so did Tahleigh.

Tahleigh has grown up with Infinity, she has gone from a student/competitor in the kid’s classes to junior assistant, with a successful transfer to competition as an adult and being awarded her Blue Belt just days after turning 16. In July 2017 Tahleigh was promoted to her Purple Belt. Tahleigh now finds love in both BJJ and Boxing making her boxing debut in late 2017. She has now become the primary instructor for the kid’s program at Caboolture, where she is able to share her passion with the next generation.