Tyrone Coppedge

BJJ Black Belt

Hi, I’m Tyrone, aka “T”. I played Rugby League for 19 years and planned to continue for many more years until October 2010 when I tried a class of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Infinity and realised all my strength and athletic ability didn’t mean much when coming up against a skilled martial artist. It was a very humbling experience, discovering that somebody 20kgs smaller could easily beat me with just pure technique. I signed up that night and started training 6 days a week. I could not walk around now knowing that I have no idea how to defend myself. I have been an instructor since 2013 at Infinity. I earned my BJJ black belt in 2016. I have coached students who have won state, Australian and international titles in BJJ. I have cornered students in mixed martial arts fights. Even if you never want to compete there are so many great benefits from training. You won’t realise what you’re missing out on until you start. One thing I hear from students all the time is I wish I started training years ago. See you at training.

For a private lesson please contact Tyrone on 0490 049 319