Could have, would have!

I want you all just to think for a moment, how many times have your said to yourself could have, would have, should have? How many of you own some kind of get better quickly thing that you got sold in order to achieve our goals? (I know I have).

For me it’s a lose weight quickly by drinking this shake, a gain muscle quickly by a super short workout that I only have to do twice a week, and finally my learn a different language in 3-months book!

Being more specific to our area of interest how many of you have a book, DVD or online subscription that claims you will be a black belt in double quick time?

If you have I want to ask you this: why is it that when we have all these things, we still find a way to not achieve our goals?

My answer is as the title suggests, I could do all the things listed above, I could learn a different language and I could gain muscle and lose weight (God I could do with it).

But will I?

Probably not! but why?

It should be easier for me as I have already achieved my black belt so I should have a good idea of what it takes to achieve the other things as well.

The reason why I have not achieved the other things named above is that I am trying to achieve them too quickly without first developing the habits that will enable me to keep going, overcoming the challenges that will inevitably come despite what the advertises told me when they sold me the product that supposedly allowed me to do it without effort and quickly.

So finally I just want all of us to think about whatever we are working towards right now and ask ourselves are we developing the correct habits that will enable us to achieve, or are we trying to take short cuts and blaming the world for our failure?

Live Learn Evolve

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