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Join Infinity Martial Arts Greenslopes – Renowned Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu School

Infinity Martial Arts Greenslopes is an academy that offers a range of classes for children as young as 2 through to adults of all skill levels, beginner to experienced, from Monday to Saturday.

Our martial arts academy has a focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and also offers classes for fitness, MMA striking & sparring, as well as Capoeira.

We are a safe, fun, and community-minded academy, without the ego or aggression sometimes associated with martial arts. We value our team and ensure that all precaution is taken for the training longevity of our students.

Greenslopes academy has a strong competition presence, with both the children and adults participating in the Australian BJJ Competition circuit, with great results! It’s an amazing experience being at a competition with your Infinity team mates from across the world all in our Orange and Black t-shirts, come check us out!

Our Children’s Programs are designed and enacted by professionals that take pride in teaching children to:

  1. Be healthy and engage in active habits from a young age,
  2. Give every student invaluable life lessons,
  3. Value quality, child-friendly martial arts, and
  4. Tackle self-confidence, bullying and social issues.

Our Adult’s Program will teach:

  1. Self defence.
  2. Self-confidence.
  3. Fitness and flexibility.
  4. How to stay calm under pressure,
  5. And how to have fun with your friends while doing it!

We have a range of classes to suit your schedule, check out the timetable top left of this page.

Contact Martin today on 0434 410 810 to book your Free Trial, or fill in your details below.


We look forward to seeing you on the mat!



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Meet the Team

  • Paul Chapman

    BJJ Black Belt – 1st Degree – Head Instructor

    Paul began his martial arts journey in England in 1995 training in Kung Fu, traditional Ju Jitsu and personal self-protection. Not long after this Paul began trying many other martial arts and finally decided that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was right for him.

    Training Highlights

    It was here that Paul trained under Neil Owen (Infinity Head Instructor) and Neil White at the Doncaster Judo Club (as it was known then). In 2001 Paul visited the Gracie Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to train and further his knowledge and experience.

    Moving back to England Paul opened his own club – teaching BJJ and MMA and having many successful fights himself and training many successful fighters. This club still runs to this day.

    In 2014 Paul decided it was time for a sea change and headed to Australia with his family, where he took a position as the Head Instructor of the Infinity Maroochydore academy.

    He now teaches at our new Kawana Waters academy alongside Neil Owen. Paul is one of the most experienced BJJ black belts in the region 

    In addition, Paul is also the head of the Infinity Instructor Development & Training program as well as being in charge of adult curriculum.

  • Jake Trindall

    BJJ Brown Belt – Assistant Instructor

    Beginning martial arts training at age 10, Jake quickly became very passionate about martial arts training in whatever he could get his hands on.

    Prior to training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) he has previously trained Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Karate.

    While passionate about martial arts as a whole he was particularly interested in grappling styles of martial arts and in 2014 he began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey with Infinity Martial Arts. With prior martial arts experience and a enthusiastic (some would say obsessive) approach to training allowed Jake to progress quite quickly in the sport.

    Since graduating high school Jake has been training and coaching full time in the hopes to become a high level martial artist and coach. Jake is also an avid competitor and has been actively competing across all belt ranks. Some notable achievements include:

    * 2x QLD State Championship Gold Medalist * 3x South Pacific Championship Gold Medalist * 4x Grappling Industries Championship Gold Medalist * 4x Lockdown Submission Wrestling Gold Medalist * 4x Brisbane Championship Gold Medalist * 2x Byron Bay Open Gold Medalist * Sunshine Coast Championship Gold Medalist * Number 1 Ranked Advanced Featherweight in Lockdown 2016 * Number 1 Ranked Adult Male No-Gi Purple Belt in Queensland 2016

    For a private lesson please call Jake on 0481 781 196 or email us on

  • Matt Fordham

    BJJ Purple Belt – Assistant Instructor

    Matt started his Jiu Jitsu journey in 2013, training at the old Maroochydore academy under Alex Breckell which was later taken over by Black Belt Paul Chapman, Matt then moved with Paul and the Maroochydoore club to the new and larger location in Kawana Waters where it merged with Infinity Currimundi to create the current Infinity HQ.

    Soon after changing gyms he tried Mixed Martial Arts for the first time and found his true passion, to better himself in martial arts.

    From this newfound focus he began training ferociously in Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, starting the never ending journey to become a formidable fighter.

    He began helping out in the junior classes eventually becoming a valuable and experienced assistant instructor. After 3 years and multiple competitions as a Blue Belt he earned his purple belt in 2018. Still training and learning daily Matt is persistently honing his skills and responsibilities as a martial artist and a full time instructor; always trying to be stronger, faster and smarter than he was yesterday.

    Matt is our assistant instructor for junior classes and can be found at the academy on the mats taking kids classes 6 days per week.


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