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At Springfield Martial Arts Academy, we offer a range of classes for both children and adults under highly qualified instructors in a safe and environment, with classes running from Monday to Saturday.

Our academy is located at 26 Commercial drive, Springfield and specialises in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Mix Martial Arts (MMA).

BJJ is the number one self-defence martial art in the world and a grappling sport. BJJ revolves around the concept that a smaller, weaker skilled person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent, by using leverage and weight distribution, taking the fight to the ground, and using a number of holds and submissions to defeat them.

To learn more about BJJ, download our Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lingo booklet.

Our instructors are highly qualified, and all have impressive competition records. As part of the Infinity family, our instructors and staff consistently undertake training to improve their skills and coaching and attend coaching courses annually for both adults and children.

Catering for beginners to advanced practitioners, we have a long-term broad membership base and boast a highly successful competition team. We also offer private lessons.

Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, learn great self-defence skills, improve your mental health, compete, socialise and become part of something bigger, then you need to have a chat to us.

We offer a 7-day free trial. To find out a class time that best suits you, check out our class timetables!


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Meet the Team

  • Jay Jay Te Huia

    Hi, I’m JayJay. In 2011 I experienced my first class of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where I was challenged by someone half my size and much more skilled than me. I was very curious as to why I got beaten and that is what gave me an instant interest in learning BJJ and MMA. Week to week I was getting great results with weight loss, gaining knowledge and better discipline in all areas in my life. I am currently an MMA amateur fighter, and a competitive brown belt in BJJ. I’m a proud father of two. I have been a full time instructor since 2015.

  • Shelly de Visser

    Women's only BJJ Instructor

    Hi, I’m Shelly. After losing 65 kilos, I needed something to help me tone up, get fit and set a good example for my kids.
    I signed up for my first MMA and BJJ lesson in 2017 and did not look back, and I then started competing in BJJ.
    I received my Blue Belt in 2019 which was a huge achievement for me.
    Later that year I became the Women Only BJJ class instructor. I’m a proud mum of two.

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Infinity Springfield

26 Commercial Drive, Springfield QLD, Australia

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