Paying the Price

In Jiu Jitsu I am constantly asked questions by students that basically relate to improving their Jiu JItsu at a faster rate.

My answer is always YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE.

Examples are:

How can I stop people passing my guard?

How do I get fitter?

How do I get stronger?

How can I make my take downs better?

How can I get better at competition?

How do I get my Blue, Purple, Brown, Black Belt?
Am going to say it again because you might have missed it YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE.

If you have a goal, There will be a price you have to pay for you to achieve that goal, Undeniably everybody’s price will be different (What did you think this was a perfectly even and fair world).

If you want to stop people passing your guard put people in your guard,
If you want to get fitter/stronger turn up to the gym,
If you want to make your takedowns better find the best place to train takedowns,
If you want to better in Competitions enter as many as you can,
If you want to be a Black Belt train,

If you want to achieve your goals YOU MUST PAY THE PRICE.

Every top practitioner I know has paid their price, People always think of the guy that supposedly breaks the rules. They say or Bj Penn got his Black belt in 4 years or whatever, Yes he did but he also moved to train with one of the best black belt instructors in the world and trained his arse of sparring everybody he could 7 days a week so he probably trained more in a year than most train in 4, I would say he paid his way.

All you need to do is decide what you want and then PAY THE PRICE for it.