‘People Overestimate What They Can Do in a Single Day…’

‘People overestimate what they can do in a single day and underestimate what they can do in their whole lives’

This phenomena is one of the reasons that we quit things in life prior to fulfilling our potential…

‘I have given my all… I just don’t have the talent, the time, money or opportunity…’

The problem is we have grown used to reward for little effort and even worse than this we have grown used to being spoiled… we are all soft.

We can focus and push ourselves when there is nothing else going on but as soon as the phone rings or another opportunity rears its head, we are instantly attracted to it like a rabbit caught in the headlights.  We flutter like a butterfly from one thing to the next with ideas and expectations that our poor attitudes are not backing up.

Why does this matter? For me it matters in the misery it brings. Because inevitably there are those out there who are steering their ship, staying true to their course, regardless of conditions. These are the success stories and they make us miserable because they must have been blessed with talent… time, money and opportunity… it couldn’t be that they out work me could it?

So how can we stay focused? Declaring your intent to yourself seems a good place to start. Write it down, what you want… how you are going to achieve it … who is responsible for the success of it, as well as the failure of it.

Don’t declare it to the world, this serves no purpose. It adds pressure we don’t need and it is our dream, we own it no one else can understand stand it like we do.

Fall in love with greatness. Don’t despise it or envy it and certainly don’t be-little it.

Most importantly I think we need to respect time more, failure is temporary but if we quit it will last forever.

Neil Owen


One response to “‘People Overestimate What They Can Do in a Single Day…’

  1. Yes, I totally agree with you Neil. People often set higher standards for them when it comes to learning a new skill. There are no shortcuts for success, it always takes sweat, determination and a lot of hard work to gain success in any field and further it requires a greater amount of patience. In martial arts also, just set the goals which you or your children can achieve in the set time, it will not only give you more motivation and confidence but you will learn the skill in a better way as you will have enough time to practice that instead of running behind another goal without even getting expert properly in the earlier stage.

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