Teaching is all about the performance

One of cricket’s greatest commentators, Richie Benaud, once said that as a commentator you shouldn’t speak unless you can add something to the picture to the screen. Teaching is all about the performance. I believe that being a good instructor is just like being a good commentator – it is no good having the best technical knowledge if you can’t pass that knowledge on to your students.

Students will not learn if they cannot connect with you this is where you as an instructor need to perform you have to entertain them capture there imagination by as Richie says: adding pictures to the screen. I find that one of the easiest ways to do this as an instructor is by using analogies, it is vital that the analogies you use paint a picture of the vision you want your students to see, but secondly I feel they should also bring humor into the situation.

Analogies will also allow you to be economical with your words.

 One quick example to help you on your way:

If you want people to create a frame, using straight-arms tell them to place themselves as though they are at the ‘top of a bench-press’, this will help them manage the distance or space or as I would say keep their opponent at the edge of their bubble.


Live Learn Evolve.

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