They’re running their own race

Having recently been involved in another big grading day at Infinity Martial Arts it was apparent to me that we can learn so much from our children as they’re running their own race.

As grown ups we see the world through our eyes, so at first glance you can often think that child A is not advancing as fast as child B. But if you look closer you will notice that child A is either not aware of this or doesn’t care.

This got me thinking why is that? I think it is just as simple as, they are running their own race not hampered by the need to judge themselves based on others. For some kids all they want to be able to do is nail that Judo roll in the warm up, for other kids they are just working so hard to just get through a lesson listening to everything the teacher says with out getting told to do push up’s.

The thing is all these things are important if they want to get to where they are going and where they are going is completely individual to them and they are happy in that pursuit.

Geez we could all learn so much from them.


Neil Owen.

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