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Why Instructors should train with their new students all the time.

It can often be hard not to roll and train with the better students more often but in all honesty, instructors should train with new students all the time.

Humans are inclined to notice how others are different from themselves and to draw on these differences to form opinions and to know how to act. You only need to open a history book or turn on the evening news to get a glimpse of how our differences spark conflict in the world or with ourselves.
Fortunately for us there is another force constantly at work trying to undermine this inclination towards comparing ourselves to others, Mimicry.

Mimicry, whether subconscious or conscious, can have a very positive effect on our lives. Providing we are mimicking the correct people.

This is why instructors should train with new students all the time. They should also be rolling with their most advanced students as well but how many academies are there where instructors don’t want to roll with the advanced students?

Because we are the books we read and people we associate with, you will progress a lot faster if you are mimicking the correct people. This in a Jiu Jitsu setting is usually the instructor. Also the advanced students will benefit from this through the development of a team/family that are very similar in their approach to training and learning. This will improve the environment for everyone as their will be less conflict, which is usually the result of noticing how different people are from us.

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