Why is it the culture to mock white belts in BJJ?

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Something that I am a little confused about is why do we mock BJJ white belts or any beginners for being BJJ white belts/beginners and not knowing things? I mean surely by very definition starting an educational journey in any field means that you don’t know much about it… hence being a white belt?

If they already knew it all, why would they join your team?

For that matter why do black belts have this mystical image of being super-human as though they are completely different from everyone else? Really we are just normal people that have done something for a lot longer than someone else, so therefore we know more about it.

Just points to consider as always the answer is somewhere in the middle. Obviously having the determination to stick at something for that length of time makes you special to a degree, but I’m not sure if that makes us special enough that we can make fun and degrade people that are guilty of only one thing, being at the start of their journey not near the end?


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