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Will the Brazilian’s domination ever end?

Another Worlds goes by with out a non Brazilian getting to stand on the top of a podium. In fact the Brazilian’s domination started at the very first Worlds held in 1996 and since then there has only been 4 non – Brazilian winners in the Adult Black belt male division.

  • Joao Roque
  • Bj Penn
  • Robert Drysdale
  • Raphael Lovato Jnr

Really there is an argument that we should only count 2, as Joao moved to Brazil when he was very young prior to training BJJ and Robert was born and raised in Brazil, started his BJJ journey there and although he moved back to the US to study he returned to train in Brazil.

Why does the Brazilian’s domination continue and why do they dominate so much?

Brazilians dominate because the environment, Team/Family atmosphere in their schools that bring professionalism to their students at an early stage that sets them correct for life. They are already going be world champions before they make it any where near black belt. This is because they subconsciously learn and mimic their teammates, constantly developing a winner’s way of Acting, Training, Thinking and Valuing the sport.

If you ask Leandro Lo or Miyao brothers the key to their success, I would bet, they put it down to the environment created at Cicero Costas academy. I’m sure the famed Carlson team of old would say the same, as would the two powerhouses Gracie Barra and Alliance (Barra’s team slogan used to be “organised like a team fighting like a family”),

Why do we struggle so much?

The rest of us training around the world struggle because the only ones that stand out are ones that travel to find the correct environment, are very gifted physically or are quick in absorbing the techniques. But these few cannot change things overnight and they certainly cannot control the environment on their own, which our future champions are going to grow up in. They can guide but they need help. Those of us who love this art are all responsible for the growth of our champions.

Will the domination ever end?

The short answer is yes.

The question is how?

I would suggest that if we are ever going to break the dominance, we all need to focus less on techniques and ways to teach techniques and begin focusing more on the cultures within our schools.

Make mat time fun time, make sure everybody is encouraged to roll as long possible with as many different people as possible.

Lets make our schools an environment where classes don’t end when the instructor wants them to but let them end when the students want the class to end.

Eat dinner have a drink with your students make them part of your Family/Team and maybe with time we can create more of the correct environments for our future champions to grow up in.

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