Women in BJJ

My name is Shelly, I am 32 years old and started training BJJ at Infinity Springfield in July 2017 to help tone up after losing 65kgs. As a nurse working long hours and shift work, I also saw it as a new social outlet. Little did I know when I started that it would help me with so much more. I now cope better with stress, have so much more confidence and most importantly, it provides a positive environment for me to come and train. My BJJ goals are to simply embrace the journey and become a better person. I want to push myself and learn from my mistakes and BJJ gives me the opportunity to do both. I would also like to do a comp or 2 every year, which I think will help me to learn and improve. This year I also started training in MMA and am really enjoying this side of it as well. I would highly recommend everyone to give it a go.

Blog post contribution by Jo Steel from Infinity Martial Arts Springfiled