Rob Allen

My son joined in on the ‘School Holiday Bring a Friend’ Day. Instruction was very well organised and very child friendly. Instructors were great with the kids. All the children … Continued

Clare Beaney

Infinity Martial Arts has been excellent for our son. Paul and the team of instructors are outstanding. I would thoroughly recommend Infinity Martial Arts, it fosters and encourages confidence, respect … Continued

Bryce Perron

We came for a look and were presently surprised to see such a dynamic and fun environment. My 4 year old was so excited that we got started that same day. … Continued

Anonymous Parent

Infinity has been brilliant for my 6 year old son. Not only is he learning the skills while having lots of fun he’s also learning about team work and friendship. … Continued

Sam Stuczyk

I am also super impressed with your facility as my little man Blake Stuczyk attends, (currently on school camp this week). I would like to take this opportunity to let you … Continued

Mark Forrest

“I expected that taking up a new sport at 38 would be a real challenge, but with the way things are done here it has been a very enjoyable process. … Continued

Sean Astill

“Infinity Martial Arts changed my whole outlook on myself, life and made me realise what you are capable of when you work hard at something new.”

David Ferszt

“I was hesitant to want to start by myself but overcame that after the first couple of lessons. Everyone was friendly, Chad and Sarah make you feel welcome. This has … Continued

D. Simm

I am impressed by the level of training and the versatile methods used with different age groups.  Trainers are very professional.  I have a 4 year old and a 10 … Continued

Anonymous Student

“The confidence and knowledge that Infinity has given me in the short time I have been with Infinity I will have and take with me for life. I used to … Continued