Infinity Martial arts gradings

Belt Rank Gradings

We believe that kids need to be rewarded for their effort in class – it helps them reach their next goal and achieve what they set out to at the beginning of their journey. As a parent, it is also great to see how much progress your child has been making during the last few months of training!

At Infinity, we hold gradings every 2-months, and we follow the IFBJJ (International Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) belt system. This is a worldwide organisation, meaning if you ever move to a different place, your child’s belt rank will be recognised.

Gradings are held as a celebration of what the kids have learned over the past 2-months, and only kids that are well and truly ready for their next grading will be given an invitation to attend. It is a great day, packed with fun and excitement. All parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend. The kids love these days and it is made all the better by a supportive family encouraging the child along!