Daniel Castles

Daniel has been training in different sports since he was young, but always excelled in martial arts. Once he graduated, he moved to the sunshine coast and began training in MMA and Muay Thai. After a number of fights in both he took time to pursue other sports, mainly wakeboarding. However, it wasn’t long before he was drawn back to combat sports. Thanks to his competitive personality, he started competing in BJJ only 2 months after starting and hasn’t stopped since.

His commitment to training has led him to:

  • 3 straight QLD State Titles
  • NSW State Title
  • Pan Pacific Title in 2014
  • Gold at the 2017 Sydney international
  • Gold in other submission only competitions
  • Gold at the Australian National Pro 2017

While still actively competing on a regular basis, he has turned more of his time to teaching and developing his own skills and style.