Jason Lapham

BJJ Brown Belt

I started training martial arts with Tae Kwon Do until a friend convinced me to come and trial some BJJ classes with him and I was hooked. I Joined Infinity at the opening of the Caboolture Academy in 2013.

My coaching journey began when I started assisting with my daughter Emily’s class and soon progressed to teaching adults classes as well. I completed a couple of coaching courses under Infinity’s head coach Neil Owen and spent some time at North Lakes academy, training and coaching before relocating to the Sandgate area to be closer to UNI.

Training BJJ has steered me towards a healthier lifestyle and shown me that with hard work and dedication I can achieve meaningful things and become proficient in a particular skill. It has demonstrated to me that if I can do that with BJJ then I can do it in other aspects of my life too.

The thing I like about BJJ is that you are rewarded for focusing on details and technique and are able to use your knowledge to overcome stronger training partners. Recently I have added striking and wresting practice into my schedule but BJJ remains my favorite discipline.

I am always striving to make my technique better and I enjoy helping others achieve the same so we can push each other forward and grow stronger as a team.