Kieran Cronin

BJJ Black Belt

Personal training specialties:

Group classes

  – BJJ

  – Boxing fitness

  – Strength & conditioning



  • I started training BJJ at Mill Hill combat and conditioning in London England.
  • I travel to Thailand to further my combat experience and after a crash course in Maui Thai fought at Phukets Bangala stadium.
  • I moved to Australia shortly after and trained under Daniel Lima in the Gold Coast.
  • I moved to Sydney and continued training under Bruno Panno.
  • I started teaching BJJ in Sydney and soon made the move to Brisbane and joined the Infinity team.
  • To instruct under the guidance of Prof. Neil Owen was an easy decision as he was highly regarded by my original instructor Nick Brooks (Roger Gracie Team), back in England.


  • As my BJJ journey continues my passion changes.
  • I started with a passion for submissions usually from the top position.
  • I then found sweeping most gratifying.
  • After a couple of years working from the bottom I found a new passion, Takedowns.
  • The beauty of BJJ for me is the endless dimensions.
  • My current passion is flying submissions!


  • BJJ black belt
  • Cert. III & IV – Fitness
  • Cert. Boxing Instructor
  • Cert. First Aid & CPR
  • Cert. Marine crowd safety Management
  • Blue Card – working with children check
  • GNVQ – Business Studies


BJJ Portfolio

  • Year commenced training: 2010
  • Instructor history:
    • Sept 2012 – April 2013, North Shore MMA, Sydney
    • April 2013 – Current, Infinity North Lakes
  • Describe your BJJ Game:
    • I prefer a standing passing game and injuries have encouraged development of the closed guard when playing a bottom game.
  • Best BJJ Result:
    • Abu Dhabi Pro Trials 2014 – Gold

Favourite Quote:

“A black belt is a white belt that never quit.”