Linzi Jack

BJJ Purple Belt

My journey started at Infinity Martial Arts Springfield after many months of Robbie insisting I join him on the mats for ‘quality time’ together. When the deal was made that if he came home with a Gi I would give it a go, in true Robbie style he returned home that evening with a Gi. As a female it was initially a very strange and almost scary experience to throw myself into an environment where I was essentially rolling around on the floor in a robe like outfit with strangers in my personal bubble.

Since joining Infinity Martial Arts, I have competed in tournaments throughout Australia gaining an impressive stash of medals. Throughout my journey I have taken time off to welcome our daughter Amiria to our family and since then been awarded my purple belt. Like Robbie I am also a sponsored Hyperfly Australia athlete.

I am very passionate about fostering an environment for young children to explore and learn in a supportive environment. With a background in Early Childhood Education it’s no wonder the 2-4 group are secretly one of my favourite groups to teach.

As a female, and as a mother, I encourage all women to step outside their comfort zone and give Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a go. The phrase ‘knowledge is power’ is spot on. I am grateful for all the lessons I have learnt, friendships I have made, confidence I have gained and opportunities that have come from taking the risk and putting on that Gi to go to class and I can honestly say have not looked back!

I am looking forward to getting back on the mats after the birth of our second daughter and building the Infinity team in Sandgate.