Tuava Uri-Ke

BJJ brown belt – Head coach of Infinity Pine Rivers

Tuava Uri-Ke has over 12 years martial arts experience. With five years Muay Thai experience under Grant Sellin of First Strike Muay Thai and 7 years Brazilian Jiu-jitsu experience under Neil Owen and Kieran Cronin of Infinity Martial Arts.

Tuava began teaching at Infinity North Lakes as a white belt and dedicated her jiu jitsu journey to expanding her knowledge to not only further her own game but to pass on her expertise to her students and teammates. Tuava has competed in BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA with success in all fields.

Tuavas’ passion in BJJ heavily lies in creating strong, selfless and independent children, all whilst fostering a fun yet disciplined environment for them to grow.

“A desire. A dream. A vision”