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Please don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal.

First of all I would just like to establish something that any of us parents or teachers will know all to well, children often have four seasons in one day which is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s normal.

This can sometimes be very frustrating for us as adults or teachers, because they are so unpredictable but again it’s normal. One day they can be in class as a perfect student the next day they can be like a scene from the exorcist but as we all know this is part of their development and this is generally fine for us parents/teachers to deal with. Except when we are on display public, where the boundaries are harder to define.

When we are in public and especially when someone else is looking after our children we often get very embarrassed if our children are having an exorcist moment. This leads us to getting frustrated and we say and do the wrong things. At this point the person teaching or looking after the children can often read this frustration as being directed at them and their inability to make the situation perfect.

When these moments arise I think we all just need to remember that it is normal and it is not a good or bad reflection of the parent or the teacher, it is just part of that child’s journey and our relaxed view we only help.