Why Anderson Silva’s return is a good thing?  

This week see’s Anderson Silva returning to action. He is of one of MMA’s best, as well as being a hero to many of the public who just watch sport for entertainment. He is also a hero to the thousands of athlete’s out there that are struggling right now hoping to be him one day.
The problem is like all returning greats we are often concerned about whether or not he can produce the goods one last time and when/if he fails to produce the goods we will immediately feel as though one of our hero’s has been taken from us. This is natural we want to preserve the memory of the man.

But I, for one, would always take the man over the memory. Yes a lot of our greats continue on too long but let us remember this is why they are great! It is that thing, that side of them that makes them different than the rest of us and that will not fade with age even when the body has failed they will still be that guy.

So regardless of the outcome lets remember this and celebrate that because that is what really makes him one of our heroes.



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